How To Make Artificial Flowers Smell Good

How To Make Artificial Flowers Smell Good

Artificial flowers have come a long way in terms of realism and aesthetics. From silk blooms to faux foliage, they offer a convenient and long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers. However, one aspect that often lacking in artificial arrangements is the gorgeous fragrance that accompanies real blooms. But fear not, our experts are here to share simple and effective ways to infuse your artificial flowers with a beautiful fragrance that mimics the real thing!

Why Do My Fake Flowers Smell Strange?

If you’ve recently received your faux flowers, you may notice a slight plastic-y smell, which can sometimes be hard to get rid of! The plastic-like scent that often emanates from artificial flowers is a result of the materials used in their production. 

To eliminate the smell, you may need to clean your fake flowers. To do so, mix a mild laundry detergent or your favourite soap with warm water. Use a cloth to gently wipe the stem, leaves, and petals before drying and reshaping using a hairdryer on a warm (but not hot) setting.

For detailed, step-by-step instructions, read our helpful blog: How To Clean & Care For Artificial Flowers

So, How Do You Make Artificial Flowers Small Good?

Our favourite ways to elevate the feel that artificial flowers bring to our space is by using 100% natural essential oils. You can use essential oils of any fragrance with your fake plants and flowers using one of  two methods:

  1. Dilute a few drops of your essential oil in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray over your flowers each week, being careful not to wet the flowers too much. Spraying too much water on your flowers may result in mould and mildew buildup, so be careful not to go overboard. Repeat this process periodically, allowing the flowers to dry completely between applications.
  2. The alternative, and our favourite, method is to simply dab a few drops of your chosen essential oil onto the inside of the flower petals (ideally in a non-visible area). Not only does this reduce the amount of water sprayed onto your flowers, but you can be more precise with the application. Top up as needed every few weeks.

Place your newly-scented artificial flowers in a spot with plenty of air draft (such as next to a radiator), as this will help the scent travel into other spots in the room. 

How Do You Choose Your Artificial Flower Fragrance?

Consider your space when choosing how to fragrance your flowers. Fresh scents, such as cedar or citrus are great in office and kitchen spaces, whilst a cosy vanilla or tonka works wonders in spaces that you use to wind down. Learn more about choosing your artificial flower scent below.

Or, if you want to keep it simple (and help your artificial flowers seem even more realistic!), you could simply stick with the fragrance that would naturally occur on their real counterparts. So, for eucalyptus, choose a eucalyptus-scented essential oil. Likewise, use a springy sweet-pea fragrance oil on artificial sweet-pea flowers.

How To Layer Your Home Fragrances

If you use diffusers around the house (we have a Neom diffuser in almost every room!), you could keep it simple and use the same fragrance oil that was used on your scented flowers.

But, if you want guests to walk in and compliment your home on its incredible fragrance, dedicate some time to, what we’d call, scent-scaping:

Scent-scaping is the subtle art of choosing and arranging home fragrance in a way that conjures up the perfect atmosphere.”

When choosing which essential oil to use when scenting your artificial flowers, it's important to consider the other fragrances used within your home. For the best fragrance, choose an essential oil for your flowers that compliments the scents already used in diffusers and candles. 

What do we mean by ‘compliments’? Well, if your bedroom, for example, features candles of a rich lavender or floral-heavy fragrance, then a vanilla-scented essential oil might throw off the harmony. 

We’d recommend layering home fragrances which all share a similar base note. Do you have scented candles, incense, or diffusers dispersed throughout different rooms? Take cues from these existing fragrances and select essential oils that harmonise rather than clash with them. If you’re stuck, pick fragrance oils that either sit next to, or are complete opposites, on the fragrance wheel

Here are some of our favourite home fragrance combinations: 

  • Zesty eucalyptus and lemon for the bathroom
  • Myrrh and vanilla for the living room, in the evenings
  • Bergamot and amber for the bedroom
  • Orange and patchouli for a ‘working from home’ day

Gorgeous Faux Flowers From the Online Florist

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