How To Cut Your Faux Flower Stems

How To Cut Your Faux Flower Stems

Just like their fresh counterparts, faux flowers often require trimming and shaping to achieve a perfect arrangement. But, unlike real flowers, faux flower stems are often much harder to cut due to their wire stem. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to cut your faux flower stems, as well as a few styling tips and tricks to help you achieve a gorgeous display…

Gather Your Tools

Before you embark on your floral arranging journey, gather the necessary tools. For silicone-only, paper, or fabric stems, a pair of scissors will do just fine. However, higher-quality faux florals often have a wire base, which scissors just won’t cut through. 

Instead, you'll need a sturdy pair of pliers, wire cutters, or floral shears specifically designed for cutting strong flower stems. These tools ensure clean cuts without damaging the delicate coating around the stem.

We’d also recommend popping on a pair of protective gardening gloves if you have them on hand, as this helps to prevent cuts or scratches should the worst happen!

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Just like with real flowers, it's important to measure your faux stems against the vase you plan to use before making any cuts. Place the stems next to your vase or container to determine the desired length. Remember, you can always trim more if needed, but you can't add length back once it's cut (please learn from our mistakes!)...

Do it like a professional: sketching out your design or arranging the flowers loosely beforehand can help you identify which stems need to be trimmed and how much.

Make Your Cut

Once you've measured and marked the stems, it's time to make your cuts. Hold the stem securely with one hand and use your scissors or wire cutters to trim it at the marked point, being careful to keep the wire cutters away from your face. You should be able to hear and feel the wire breaking in two. If not, readjust your wire cutters and try again.

To create a natural and lifelike appearance, cut your faux flower stems at an angle. This technique mimics the way real flowers are cut by a florist (usually for better water absorption, but this doesn’t matter with fake flowers!).

Remember: Different faux flowers and foliage may require different cutting techniques. For example, softer stems may need a gentler touch to prevent crushing or bending, while thicker stems may require more force. Take your time and adjust your cutting technique accordingly to get the best results.

Prune with Purpose

As you arrange your faux flowers, don't be afraid to prune and shape the stems to achieve your desired look. Even though they are fake, you can still cut off excess leaves, petals, and buds if you wish. Be careful not to damage the main stem or flower petals whilst doing so!

Removing excess foliage or trimming unruly stems can enhance the overall composition and create a more polished appearance for your arrangement.

Arrange Your Stems 

Arrange your trimmed stems as you would with real flowers in a vase of your choice. If you find that you haven’t trimmed them short enough, don’t be afraid to repeat the earlier steps until they are just right. 

Whimsical and wild arrangements are our go-to. To create one, start by choosing a few (large) flowers to base your arrangement around. Then, choose some smaller flowers and two types of foliage - we’d recommend one that can stand sturdy on its own, and one that can hang over the side of a vase. 

Start by arranging the greenery in an ‘S’ shape in the vase - i.e. use some of the sturdier branches on the left-hand side of the vase, and use the flexible foliage stems to drape over the right side, with some medium branches in the middle. Following the ‘S’ shape, add your flower stems at varying heights. Use dainty flowers to fill in any gaps, and that’s it! 

Gorgeous Faux Flowers From The Online Florist

Now that you’ve mastered the art of cutting faux flower stems, it’s time to let your creativity go wild! Whether you’re aiming for a classic elegance or a whimsical charm, these tips will help you achieve the perfect look every time.

Ready to start crafting your own floral arrangement? Here at The Online Florist, we have an incredible collection of faux flowers and foliage available to order online. From foliage & branches to classic tulips and roses, we have everything you need for a gorgeous display.

Related Questions

Can You Use Scissors To Cut Faux Flower Stems?

Yes, you can use scissors to cut faux flower stems, particularly if they are made of silicone, paper, or fabric. However, for stems with a wire base, scissors might not be sufficient to achieve clean cuts. In such cases, it's best to use sturdy pliers, wire cutters, or floral shears specifically designed for cutting strong flower stems.

Can Faux Flowers Be Trimmed After Arranging Them?

Yes, faux flowers can be trimmed even after arranging them. If you find that some stems are too long or need further shaping to achieve your desired arrangement, you can trim them using the steps outlined above.

How Do You Clean Faux Flowers After Trimming Them?

To clean faux flowers after trimming them, you can gently dust them with a soft brush or cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaning solutions, as they may damage the faux materials or adhesive used in the arrangement. For stubborn dirt or debris, you can use a mix of gentle soap and water, and dab the area accordingly. Dry with a blowdryer to prevent any mould.

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